• Irina Mozelova

RUDN-University invites you for a refresher course

"Study and teaching of the Russian language in different linguocultural environments"

Classes will be conducted by well-known Russian scholars:

Ph.D. prof. V.M. Shaklein, Ph.D. prof. S.A. Khavronina, Ph.D. Assoc. E.N. Strelchuk,

Ph.D. prof. O.I. Rudenko-Morgun, Ph.D. Assoc. E.N. Baryshnikova, Ph.D. Assoc. E.V. Talybina, Ph.D. Assoc. S.S. Mikova, Ph.D. Assoc. S.A. Deryabina, Ph.D. Assoc. E.A. Rubtsova,

senior teacher .. T.Yu. Romanova, Ph.D. I.I. Rubakov.

Download the program

Вы получите удостоверение о повышении квалификации

Duration: 36 hours

Price: 7000 rubles

Location: online (MS Teams)

When: 17 - 21 May 2021

You can apply via or

using the phone number +7(495) 434-07-45

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