Online book is a perfect solution for online lessons. After you have purchased an online book, you will have your own account at RosEdu Platform and your own library. This subscription allows you to have an unlimited online access to your library for one year. It's not possible to download  our books but you will have an unlimited  online access to them from your devices if they have an Internet connection.


As a teacher you can share your screen with your students to make your lessons visual and interesting. You can print out a certain number of pages of each book, you can highlight, copy and paste fragments of texts into online translator and the most important thing --  you will use the chosen course books absolutely legally. Besides that, you as a member of RosEdu platform will get an access to a lot of free materials and  books as well.

If you are a student, you can also get your own e-book or you can order a paper version if you would like to. Anyway, we are huge fans of paper books but the reality and distant learning made us using e-books at our work.