Accusative for directions

In order to express direction, you will need the verbs of motion: идти (to go on foot) and ехать (to go by transport).

These verbs are used with the prepositions в (to) and на (to). Read about the difference between "в" and "на" here. Use the accusative case to show that the place (or event) is a direction:

  • Я еду в Москву - I go to Moscow.  

  • Он идёт на урок - He goes to the lesson.


Note that the accusative case for directions is used with places or events (not the people). So basically you change only feminine nouns (they end with -а or -я).

Find more about cases here.


1. Я еду в Египет - I go to Egypt.

2. Я еду в Россию - I go to Russia.

3. Я еду в Осло - I go to Oslo.

4. Я еду в Афины - I go to Athens.

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